Natural Dyeing Workshop ~ Learning to dye using foraged, Garden & Kitchen Dyes

Dye Studio
It was a glorious day and though it drizzled occasionally, we had good luck with the weather! This was my very first Dyeing workshop and I am proud to say that I think it worked out well! Here is what we covered on the day:
  • Mordants covering 7 mordants
  • Kitchen Dyes
  • Foraged Dyes
  • Garden Dyes
  • Heat/Cold & Solar Dyeing
  • How much of what? A guide to quantities
  • Ph influencers & colour changers

I was first worried, that it might be too much information in one day or that I would run out of time, but no, we finished at 4.45pm and the day was filled with laughter, talk, question & Answer times and fun.


Collecting Horsetail

We dyed yarn and fabric with Black Beans, red onion and horsetail, after trying out different mordants.

Enjoying lunch

We enjoyed a homemade lunch of lentil soup, bread and local Salad.

rinsing out yarn


Rinsing out dyed yarns can be tough work, but these ladies didn't blink an eye!

It was an enjoyable day and I am looking forward to our next Workshop on the 17th of August!


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