2022 Workshops and dates are currently in the planning stage and will be listed shortly!
  • The basics of natural dyeing/introduction to natural dyeing. - a course for beginners ~ 
  • Natural Dyeing taken further - sustainable, long lasting, safe practices and results. This course is for people who know the basics and want to go deeper, sell their work or are planning on it and want to create and sell with confidence. ~ 
  • Bundle Dyeing - a fun form of creating multi colours/eco prints on cloth and yarn with fresh and dried dyes, no experience necessary, but knowing the basics would come in handy.  ~ 
  • Organic Indigo Vats - learn how to make, dye and keep a plant based/sugar based/fruit based/iron based indigo vat  ~ 
  • Dyeing Plant fibres~ learn how to mordant cellulose fibres like Linen, Cotton, Ramie, Hemp and more for different dyeing and printing techniques, including the basics of printing and painting on fabric ~ 
  • Woad Workshop ~ under construction


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