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LOVAGE ~ Dye Colour yellow and green.

Country of Origin: Germany
Fine for consumption

This European Herb is probably best known in Cooking. We love it in soups and only a small amount can give a surprising amount of flavour! So you might be surprised to find it in our Dyeing section.

Like with most dyes, if a plant has a strong perfume, it tends to give a colour. When I tried fresh Lovage, I was astounded by the colour it yielded. A deep green yellow, which turned into a stunning green, when a bit of Iron was added. The dried herb gives similar results, though not as powerful as the fresh herb.

Not everyone has Lovage growing in the garden, or only a small amount. If you have some fresh lovage available mix them with the dry powder and the result will be lovely.


Basic recipe:

100-200% Lovage
3-5% Iron
Wool (mordanted 10% Alum)

Line the pot with a cloth. Fill the pot half with water and add the lovage.
Bring to about 85-95 degrees Celsius for 1 hour.

Tie dye in Cloth and leave in bath.
Add wool and simmer gently for 1 hour.

Add 3% -5% iron to the dye bath to turn it green.

Remove after about 10min, rinse & dry.

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