swan with clamp marks and incision on double layered cotton
double layered cotton with faded line swallow colour

OFFCUTS ~ Organic Double Layered Cotton Muslin Naturally Dyed

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A double layered gauze or muslin, made from organic cotton with a fine striped natural structure. Versatile use as household fabric, for clothing, for diapers and wraps, for curtains & cushions. Made from untreated organic cotton with a fine striped natural structure, naturally dyed by us ~ semi Solid

Naturally dyed by us, using Organic Indigo making this fabric very unique.

Please be aware that dye lots vary and sometimes the darker blues can be patterned as shown. If you don't want a patterned piece, please let us know and we will be in touch.

Material: 100% kbA-Cotton
Width: 155 cm
Colour: blue
Weight :288g/qm
Certification: BIO/ORGANIC/GOTS certified by CERES-082 GOTS kbA-Cotton
Dyed: Organic Indigo in an Organic Indigo Vat
Fabric Origin: France

Wash: 30-40 degrees celcius.

 Colour Dye Mordant
Organic Indigo  none
Organic Indigo  none
Organic Indigo  none


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