Yeti - Yak and Silk yarn 100g
YETI ~ Snow
Yeti - Yak and Silk yarn Silver
Yeti - Yak and Silk Earth
Yeti - Yak and silk Light blue
Yeti - Yak and Silk yarn Hazelwood brown
Yeti - Yak and Silk yarn  Rhubarb pink brown
Yeti - Yak and Silk yarn orange madder
Yeti - Yak and Silk yarn watermint green
Yeti - Yak and Silk yarn green mint
Yeti - Yak and Silk yarn yellow butterfly
Yeti - Yak and Silk yarn yellow

YETI ~ 100g

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Creating wearable Colours in a close relationship with nature - this Palette has been inspired by Irish Moors, Mountain flowers and Mossy Woodland Rivers.

Dyed with Herbal & Vegetable Dyes as well as Lac and Indigo.

Light and silky to the touch, Yeti is made from equal amounts of Yak and Mulberry Silk fibres – spun into a fine fingering weight yarn to create garments which are as light as a feather.

This yarn makes a wonderful all year garment – both, yak and silk, are temperature regulators.

Yak is one of the most expensive fibre in the world – with being warmer than sheep wool and still as soft as cashmere, it will keep you warm and cosy when needed.

It is hard wearing, durable, soft, warm and light weight.

Yeti is available as a kit as well.  Check out Criostal, designed by Albina from Lbhandknits, highlights Yeti in a simple delicate shawl pattern. 

In a nutshell for 1 skein:
50%baby yak hair / 50% mulberry silk
weight 4 ply
100g/ 3.5oz
466m/ 509.6 yards
2-3mm needles

Origin: Yak ~ Tibet, Silk ~ China, Spun in Mongolia and naturally dyed in Ireland.

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