Custom Dyeing Service

Going Back to the Roots
 A revival of traditional Fabric Dyeing practices ~In a modern & sustainable way

Our hand dyers are now available for custom orders for naturally dyed fabric and yarn!  We will dye your fabric or yarn naturally, for you.  Custom orders are welcome.


How It Works:   
Contact us with your colour palette and fabric requirements (either from our shop or using your own fabric)
We will chat with you about the colours that are achievable
dye samples
We will hand dye and send a sample dyeing for your approval
Once approved, we will naturally dye the batch accordingly
Dye Process
Minimum order of 1kg of yarn or 3m of fabric
Maximum order of 20kg of yarn and 10m-20m of fabric per single dye capacity setting

Finished Dye

Natural dyeing is our life and our passion!
Make your product sustainable.  
We work with nature in a no-waste process which results in all water and dye matter being recycled through our specially created circular-economy.  Read more about it here.
We work with professional designers and non-designers, alike.


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