The Eco-friendly Clothesline

Introducing The Eco-friendly Clothesline!  Mother and daughter team up together for an environmentally conscious school business project, pairing momma's know-how and daughter's green enthusiasm. The. Eco-friendly Clothesline upcycles great quality, undyed second hand and rejected natural fibre clothing.

eco printed dress Indigo Dress Skirts

Second Hand, Eco Friendly, Upcycled, Naturally Dyed

 These are all words that can be used to describe our new clothing collection. Sourced from various charity and second hand shops, these clothes have been previously loved and are now ready to be appreciated again, with a new colour and look.

Release Date Online May 20th, 2021

along with 10 reusable organic cotton shopping bags that have also been naturally dyed.



Why are we doing this?


Simply put the world we live in now needs to change!

And that change can start with your wardrobe and the fashion industry!


Many of the clothes that are worn today are made from synthetic and polyphine fibres and materials, they are also dyed with corrosive and harmful chemicals that damage the environment’s eco system. With modern natural plant dyeing techniques you can get the similar results without the same harmful impact on the earth. 

When buying second hand or a small businesses' clothing line, we are supporting businesses that don’t employ mass production or underpay their workers. Buying from places that are owned by people in the minority can help give them a voice and the ability to tell their story or make a statement.

 As for us? We wish to reintroduce natural dyeing back into the popular market. Clothing and fashion is a huge industry that accounts for 10% of the co2 and greenhouse gas emission, which is a larger percent than it sounds, and people follow the trends set by the leading corporations.

If natural dyeing and sustainable clothing became a fashion trend and larger companies followed it; it could change the world and help work towards a more eco friendly and globally aware and helpful industry!