Aran Yarn naturally dyed
Bear's Paw naturally dyed with hawthorn berries
Bronze Aran yarn naturally dyed with onion
Burren flowers Aran yarn naturally dyed with hibiscus
Frog's Wonder aran yarn naturally dyed with sage
Ice lake aran yarn naturally dyed with indigo
Mermaid's song aran yarn naturally dyed with indigo
Morning dew aran yarn naturally dyed with enlderberries
Painter's rouge aran yarn naturally dyed with rhubarb root
River reed aran yarn naturally dyed with rhubarb root
Sun dancer aran yarn naturally dyed with onions

ARAN ~ Naturally Dyed

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The Yarn:

Our new Aran weight wool yarn is hand dyed by us in Ireland using organic natural dyes. Our Aran yarn is very soft and squishy and creates beautiful garments, that keep warm, but are still light. The knit is clearly visible, making it also a great Beginner's yarn and perfect for cables.

We decided on a limited colour range, focusing on organically produced natural dyes and colours that work well together.

The Process:

At AppleOak we are very committed to sustainable production. We are constantly working on making our production more organic and local, by working together with local organic herb growers to grow dyes not only in Ireland but also organically. All our dye waste gets recycled and composted:

  • The Dye and Rinse Water is Collected Rain water.
  • Extracted dye matter is added to our wormery, where it gets composted by worms. The composted dye matter is than used again for productive growing.
  • The excess dye and Rinsing water is going through 8 tanks of filtration. Starting with 4 settlement tanks a further 4 filtration tanks filled with different sized aggregates and soil planted with reeds, Irises and followed by Willow beds before being discharged as clean water again. 

When you buy from us, you know you are supporting a small business and a sustainable, clean dye environment. Enjoy your yarn!

 Colour Dye Mordant
Bear's Paw
Organic Buckthorn
Bronze Organic Onion Alum
Burren Flowers Organic Hibiscus Alum
Frog's Wonder Organic Sage Alum/Iron
Ice Lake Organic Indigo --
Mermaid's Song Organic Indigo --
Morning Dew Organic Elderberries Alum
Painter's Rouge Rhubarb Root Alum
River Reed Rhubarb Root Alum
Sun Dancer Organic Onion Alum

In a nutshell for 1 skein (100g/3.5oz):

Weight: Aran
100% wool (South America)
Spun in Czech Republic
4-5mm needles
Handwash only

Info on some dyes:

Indigo* - herbaceous plant ( you might get a bit of blue on your hands while Knitting - that is easily washed of with soap and even healthy!)