BAMBOOZLE ~ Bluebottle
BAMBOOZLE ~ Bluebottle

BAMBOOZLE ~ Bluebottle

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Bamboozle is made from 100% real bamboo and isn't a reconstituted fibre. Unevenly spun, with a high twist and bubbly appearance, it is a unique plant based yarn and actually nice to knit with. 

The bamboo is grown and harvested in Nepal, spun in China and returned to Nepal to weave cloth and knit other items. Just like our nettle yarn, this bamboo comes from small farms and creates an income for Nepalian people.

In a nutshell:

approx. 35m
Fibre grown and harvested in Nepal
Spun in China
Naturally dyed in Ireland with organic Indigo

Close to Aran weight

Sample knitted on 3.5mm needles.