Pink embroidery thread
naturally dyed pink embroidery thread blossom

Linen Embroidery 60m ~ Blossom

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Naturally dyed, using Tannins, Indigo, Madder, Cochineal and many more, these linen threads have been carefully hand dyed, using sustainable and professional methods to create long lasting colours. A lot of love, time and patience has gone into these little jewels. Hand wound from cones into skeins, mordanted, dyed, dried and wound back by hand on enchanting little bobbin cards, these linen threads are very special indeed. 

Available in an array of colour, there is approx. 60m (65yrds) or 10g on one sturdy bobbin card. Your average cotton floss has 8m on one skein.

When using for embroidery, make sure to keep your creation away from direct sunlight.