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H&M ~ Cotton Shirt

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Origin: H&M

Detailed Description

This cotton shirt is simple, close fitting, short sleeved with a flat and simple collar. Originally white, it sports now a textured green and grey pattern.

Note on Natural Dyes

All our work is designed for long lasting colour. Natural dyes will be uneven due to being natural, but especially with eco print. There is a worry about naturally dyed clothing fading fast, but that is just a lack of knowledge about proper mordanting and dyeing practices. Sure, some dyes will last longer than others, but that is the case with any dye. However, in order to keep it at its best:

Caring for a naturally dyed garment

Handwash ideally or machine wash cold or 30C degrees on delicate or wool setting

Only use mild detergent - detergent for wool and silk is best

Wash, dry and store inside out and away from direct light. (Sunlight or indoor light)

Size: US 8