JACOB ~ Forest Gate
JACOB ~ Heavens
JACOB ~ Ink Well
JACOB ~ Ocean Light
JACOB ~ Printer's Ink
JACOB ~ Sky Lark
JACOB ~ Tibet
JACOB ~ Whale Rider


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Next to the BFL, Jacob is the next popular British breed. Closely related to an ancient, Middle Eastern breed of sheep, the breed was established in the UK during the 17th century. Generally piebald, the small sheep can have up to six magnificent horns! The best way of using Jacob wool is for outer garments. Jacob is not known for it softness, but rather has a medium soft handle and although there are no coarse outer hairs, there is a little kemp in the wool. It gives the yarn a very fine, soft, gritty feeling.

In a nutshell for 1 skein:
100% Jacobs yarn
weight Aran
100g/ 3.5oz
166m/ 181.5 yards
Handwash 30° (C), reshape whilst damp
Origin: Britain
Dyed naturally in Ireland

How we made these colours:


Forest Gate Indigo* & Reseda Alum
Heavens Indigo* Alum
Ink Well Logwood Alum
Ocean Light Indigo* Alum
Printer's Ink Logwood Alum
Skylark Indigo* Alum
Tibet Lac** Alum
Whale Rider Indigo*

Indigo* - herbaceous plant ( you might get a bit of blue on your hands while
Knitting - that is easily washed of with soap and even healthy!)
Vegan note: please be aware that we use Lac and Cochineal dyes as well, which would be of animal origin ~ Cochineal** - small louse; Lac*** - the casing made by beetles to hatch and protect their eggs.