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LEMON PEEL FINE CUT ~ Dye Colour Yellow and Orange

Harvested in Spain

Wool, Silks, Cotton and Linen can be dyed with Lemon Peel. It gives a light yellow orange, depending on quantities used. 

*The dye is not very light fast and might have to be redyed after a few years. 


Basic Recipe for orange/yellow:

100gr wool or silk mordanted in 10% Alum and 4% Soda Ash for 1 hour. 
100g Lemon Peel

1.Soak 100gr Lemon Peel with 4% Soda in water over night. 
2.Pour mixture through a cloth, tie off the Lemon peel (dye bag) and keep in the dye bath. 

3.To dye: Simmer wool for one hour. Leave in dye bath to cool (will deepen the colour)

Rinse and dry