LinCot colors with plants
LinCot Discontinued
LinCot Discontinued
LinCot Discontinued
LinCot Discontinued
LinCot Discontinued
LinCot Discontinued

LinCot Discontinued

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Lincot is 'rustically spun' - meaning that the yarn is thick-and-thin, presenting like an old fashioned handspun. It takes color beautifully, with lots of subtle, rich variations in tone. And when knitted up, it gives the resulting fabric a captivatingly textured look and feel.

About the yarn: spun unevenly in Germany, the fibres are sourced from sustainable and ethical friendly sources.  The uneven texture of Lincot also has interesting implications for gauge. In meterage, this yarn is a spot-on DK weight, measuring 220m per 100g. However, when it comes to gauge it 'behaves' like a much thicker yarn, and seems to work best in garments when knitted at an aran-weight gauge. This makes Lincot an extremely economical yarn! Meaning, you need far less of it than you would an ordinary DK weight yarn. For example: a sweater requiring 500g of DK weight yarn worked up for designer Albina with only 400g. 

In a nutshell for 1 skein:1
70% cotton / 30% linen
weight 2 ply DK
100g/ 3.5oz
220m/ 240.59yards
4-5mm needles

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Due to the fibre content, LinCot is a great option for Vegans with several plant dyed colours!  Curious to read more about our dyes? Click here.


 How we made these colours:



Avalon Logwood Alum & Tara
Blewit Iron - Iron Water Alum & Tara
Carrot Tops Annatto Alum & Tara
Emerald Blue Indigo* Alum & Tara
Granny Bonnet Cochineal** Alum & Tara
Kissed by Roses Lac*** Alum & Tara
Lemon Sherbet Reseda Alum & Tara
Moonwater Logwood Alum & Tara
Night Sky Lac*** & Indigo* Alum & Tara
Peaches Kamala Alum & Tara
Purple Glow Iron - Iron Water Alum & Tara
Strawberries & Cream Lac*** Alum & Tara
Truffles Iron - Iron Water Alum & Tara
Where the Dolphins Play Indigo* Alum & Tara

Indigo* - herbaceous plant ( you might get a bit of blue on your hands while
Knitting - that is easily washed of with soap and even healthy!)
Vegan note: please be aware that we use Lac and Cochineal dyes as well, which would be of animal origin ~ Cochineal** - small louse; Lac*** - the casing made by beetles to hatch and protect their eggs.

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