Logwood Dye Kit
Softwool dyed with logwood
Softwool dyed with logwood
Softwool dyed with logwood
Softwool dyed with logwood and Madder
logwood tree flower
Logwood dye


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DYE KIT LOGWOOD ~ This Kit contains everything you need to dye your 100g+* of Yarn/Fibre/Fabric.

Logwood dye ranges from greys to purples – strong yet flighty - only the combination of Iron & Alum will convince the purple colour to stay. Logwood was a popular dye plant from the 16th-19th century used for achieving black dye – a difficult colour to achieve naturally.

{Second picture shows Logwood on Softwool, a pure wool yarn - shown is first dip. Every following dip will get paler}

*We do state 100g/200g depending on recipe on the bags, but you can dye much more than that. Most natural dyes aren't immediately exhausted and you can continue dyeing several more pieces. Each new dip will result in a paler colour. 

**All our packaging is compostable - our plastic bags are made from plant material.


The DYE Kit makes a lovely present too - well packaged, the dyes come in an organic undyed Pull String Bag.
The DYE Kit will come in an extra big Organic Pull String Bag, if you add undyed yarn to your order, but this is optional, of course.

What you will receive in this Kit:

50g Logwood
10g Alum
5g Iron

Full instructions & lots of information 
1 organic undyed Pull String Bag.



The Yarn:

Below, you will find a list of all the yarns we have on offer. If you like to see how each of these take up colour, please visit our website: www.appleoakfibreworks.com or have a look in our etsy shop.

Softwool - 100% wool, weight: Sport, 100gr, 300m/328yrds, 3-4mm needles

Stockholm - 100% wool, weight: Chunky, 100g/3.5oz, 100m/110yards, 6-9mm needles

Turin - 60% wool & 20% Ramie & 20% Silk, weight: 4 ply, Fingering, 100gr/ 3.5oz, 425m/ 464.7yards, 2-3mm needles

Doolin - 80% wool & 20% Ramie, weight: Sport, 100gr/ 3.5oz, 300m/ 328yards, 2-3mm needles

Alpaca Light - 100% baby Alpaca, weight: 4ply, 100g/ 3.5oz, 400m/ 437.4yards, 2-3mm needles

Yeti - 50%baby yak hair / 50% mulberry silk, weight: 4 ply, 100g/ 3.5oz, 466m/ 509.6 yards, 2-3mm needles

Yalana - 50% yak / 50% merino lamb, weight: Sport, 100g/ 3.5oz, 300/ 328 yards, 3-4mm needles

LinCot - 70% cotton / 30% linen, weight: 2 ply DK, 100g/ 3.5oz, 220m/ 240.59yards, 4-5mm needles