Marlin striped natural linen fabric close up
Marlin striped natural linen fabric
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MARLIN ~ Natural Linen Fabric striped

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MARLIN ~ Natural Linen Fabric

Linen fabrics like Adrian and Marlin are rare these days. Pure and undyed, only natural coloured Linen thread is used to create the fine 3mm stripes in white and beige/grey. The fabric is opaque and can be boiled, making it a great choice for dish towels, table cloths and Bedding. The fabric has a soft fall, as already mentioned, it is opaque and can be worn comfortably on the skin. Perfect for Summer clothing of any type or nature inspired Room deco. 


Our Linen Fabric 'MARLIN' is suitable for:

Summer fabric: skirts, dresses, T-Shirts, trousers, shirts and more

Homeware and Crafts:
Curtains, interior design, homeware, bedding and more

Suggested sewing thread: Organic Cotton Light grey 4831

In a nutshell:

Material: 100% Linen
Width approx.: 145 cm
Colour: natural undyed
partly Oxygen bleached
Weight: 185g/square meter
Not pre-washed
Expected Shrinkage: 5-10%
Wash: 60-90 degrees Celsius, reduced spinning,
hang up dripping wet


Linen can be expensive, but it is also much better for the environment. Flax plants are very resilient, they can grow in poor soil, and require very little water. What’s more, every single part of the flax plant is then used in making all types of products, from linen clothing to varnishes.

Similar to silk, 100% linen is wonderful for people with sensitive skin and those prone to allergic reactions like "prickly heat" in hot weather. For women who suffer from "hot flushes", 100% linen is the most comfortable answer in warm environments.

Linen can't and shouldn't be ironed. The creasing is part of the natural allure. The creasing also molds the garment, and in practice the more creasing there is, the less evident it becomes as the whole garment softens.
Linen loves being washed and dries much quicker than Cotton. The more it is worn and washed the softer the fabric becomes. It also lasts much longer than cotton, as it is harder wearing and a much stronger material.