PRIVATE WORKSHOP IN PERSON OR ZOOM~ For individuals & Artists, Makers with specific requirements

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This is a private 1 to 1 Zoom class tailored to your own needs. Prices vary greatly depending on your requirements, so this listing will reserve you a spot. I am fairly booked out already for this year, so there are only a few slots left. 

Workshops can vary from 2-3h on zoom to in person for several days, simply get in touch and we can talk your requirements through. 

If I shouldn't be able to help out, the 65Euros will be refunded, of course.


People who have very specific needs and questions, concerning the application and use of natural dyes, either private or professionally, or are uncomfortable attending a physical workshop due to Covid-19.  

 For example: 

  • You are an artist and want to create an installation, wall hanging etc. for an exhibition using natural dyes, but are concerned about light fastness etc.
  • Or you are a maker/dyer, but there are just some parts you can't make sense of.
  • Or you want to learn a specific aspect of natural dyeing to incorporate into your work.
  • Or you want to learn it all/ or specific aspects in a one to one setting. 
  • Or you like to sell your work, but want to make sure that it will last ie. wall hangings, clothes etc.

Even if your reason isn't listed, do contact me and I am sure we can organize something!

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