PRIVATE WORKSHOP ON ZOOM ~ For individuals & Artists, Makers with specific requirements

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This is a private 1 to 1 Zoom class tailored to your own needs. Please contact me for a private workshop, before booking, as your requirements might need some adjustments. Thanks!


This listing covers a 2-3h intensive workshop held over zoom and can be broken into two separate sessions. This workshop is particularly suited for:

People who have very specific needs and questions, concerning the application and use of natural dyes, either private or professionally, or are uncomfortable attending a physical workshop due to Covid-19. 


 For example: 

  • You are an artist and want to create an installation, wall hanging etc. for an exhibition using natural dyes, but are concerned about light fastness etc.
  • Or you are a maker/dyer, but there are just some parts you can't make sense of.
  • Or you want to learn a specific aspect of natural dyeing to incorporate into your work.
  • Or you like to sell your work, but want to make sure that it will last ie. wall hangings, clothes etc.

Even if your reason isn't listed, do contact me and I am sure we can organize something!

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