YALANA ~ Magician
YALANA ~ River Muse
YALANA ~ Cool Lagoon
YALANA ~ Near Water
YALANA ~ Winterwood
YALANA ~ Strawberry Fields
YALANA ~ Homeward
YALANA ~ Earthwise


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Warmer than wool and as soft as cashmere, what is not to love about the Yak? A large domesticated wild Ox with shaggy hair... so they say. What you wouldn’t expect from looking at a yak is that its fibre is as soft as cashmere, extremely durable and lightweight and preserves heat in winter yet breathes in warmer weather.

Yalana is our personal favourite – a blend of 50% Yak and 50% merino lamb’s wool, this yarn is beautifully soft with a textured look, that is particularly visible when dyed. The colours tend to be deep and rich – just looking at it makes me smile.

Being a sport weight, Yalana knits up quickly and can be luxurious substitute for any of our Doolin or Softwool patterns.

In a nutshell for 1 skein:
50% yak / 50% merino lamb
weight Sport
100g/ 3.5oz
300/ 328 yards
3-4mm needles
Origin: Yak - Tibet, Merino - USA
Spun: in Mongolia
Naturally dyed in Ireland

 How we made these colours:


Cool Lagoon Logwood Alum
Earthwise Catechu
Homeward Madder Alum
Magician Indigo* Alum
Near Water Indigo* & Lac*** Alum
River Muse Indigo* Alum
Strawberry Fields Cochineal** Alum
Winterwood Logwood Alum
Indigo* - herbaceous plant ( you might get a bit of blue on your hands while 
Knitting - that is easily washed of with soap and even healthy!)
Vegan note: please be aware that we use Lac and Cochineal dyes as well, which would be of animal origin ~ Cochineal** - small louse; Lac*** - the casing made by beetles to hatch and protect their eggs.