3mm felt sheets
3mm wool felt
806 White BioFelt
810 BLack TrueFelt
817 Light Grey BioFelt
818 Dark Grey BioFelt 3mm
819 Light Beige BioFelt 3mm
820 Dark Beige BIoFelt 3mm
821 Mixed Brown BioFElt 3mm

BioFelt 3mm Samples

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BioFelt Samples only

A beautiful 3mm thick felt. Ideal for making phone pockets, bags, mouse pads, insoles, slippers, coasters or on walls for insulation, to give, but a few, possible uses.

BioFelt is made from 100% pure undyed wool and it is very solid and strong. It also has the Oeko-tex label making it a high quality felt. To give you an idea of size, 3mm is about the thickness of a smart phone.

- Available in 6 natural undyed shades as shown in pictures

- Black is mixed with dyed wool to make it a solid black colour. TrueFelt characteristics apply. (Our 1-1.2mm Felt is TrueFelt)



  • Our 3mm felt is made from 100 % wool from South American and European sheep breeds and is manufactured in Europe. 
  • All our wool comes from museling free farms. 
  • This 100 % woolen felt contains 70 – 100 % Merino wool combined with other soft European wool types. 

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