About Us

Jennifer & Tristan Lienhard used to run the natural dyeing business Apple Oak Fibre Works from their home in County Clare, Ireland. With an increased interest in natural dyeing processes, they are now moving and upgrading the dyeing facilities to Tuamgraney. 

JenniferTristan working on Mayan Blue“I started using plants from our own garden and in nature around us. We were amazed by the beauty of these dyes.”

Jennifer & Tristan are both passionate Gardeners, with Tristan being the head Gardener at the local Seed Savers Organisation.

Jennifer is the creator and dyer. If Jennifer is the creative part of the team,Tristan provides the practical solutions and creates order out of the creative mayhem. With the upgrading of production and a firm interest in turning the business as organic as possible, the couple is also looking at growing some of the dye plants locally.  

Apple Oak Fibre Works evolved with the couple’s love of all things natural. Jennifer initially set about working with acid dyes first, but quickly moved to plant dyes. After much experimentation creating recipes with the dyes in her kitchen, Apple Oak Fibre Works was born.This natural process of dying yarn and fabric is now the heart of the business.

“Every time we grow just a little, we have more positive impact on our industry. Every time we expand just a little, we create more opportunity for growth in our rural community, because opportunities don’t just affect one micro-business. Opportunity causes a ripple effect, and our tiny pond can reach further out to others.”

Apple Oak Fibre Works uses compostable packaging and practices ethical and sustainable dying practices. The new move will include Rainwater harvesting and a pilot project of a closed plant based Water Filter System for all their dye and Rinsing water.