HANFA ~ Natural Hemp Herringbone Fabric
HANFA ~ Natural Hemp Herringbone Fabric close up

HANFA (available for pre-order) ~ Natural Hemp Herringbone Fabric

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HANFA  (available for pre-order) expected delivery February

HANFA is a light to medium herringbone fabric made from natural European Hemp.  

Our Hemp Fabric 'HANFA' is suitable for:

Clothing: Jackets, trousers, skirts, suits, costumes, blazers, blouses, shirts, Jeans, dungarees, Children clothes and more 


cushions, matrass covers, upholstery 

In a nutshell:

Material: 100% Hemp
Width approx.: 150cm
Colour: natural grey, undyed
Weight: 430g/square meter, prewashed
European production
Wash: 60 -90 degrees Celsius