Bheda Felting Wool ~ Produced and dyed by hand with safe Swiss colours in a company that empowers unprivileged Women.
Bheda Wool combines all the good characteristics of several types of wool from different sheep breeds such as Ryeland, Suffolk, Shetland, Romney and Jacob.
All Wool comes from New Zealand farms and is produced museling free.
Bheda Minis are great for small details, small projects or simply as 2g samples, before purchasing their bigger Cousin Bheda Wool 25g.
Bheda Minis can be purchased single as individual colour or in an assorted mix.
Bheda Wool is a 25mic soft to medium wool and is suitable for wet and dry (needle) felting.
Colour repeat can be challenging due to traditional hand dyeing. If you are planning on a bigger project, please buy enough quantity in one go. We will contact you, should the batches be mixed and re-arrange, if necessary.
Basic Core Wool ~ A must for all wet and dry felting work, our basic Core is cost effective and perfect for base layers. Produced in Germany.
Plant Fibres ~ Plant fibres like cotton, flax, hemp and more in roving form, ready for spinning.

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