There is something very special, when you look at and work with pure Wool Felt. I always feel my heart warm and I start thinking about all these lovely sewing projects I would love to do one day...

Wool felt is an ancient woolen material that has been rediscovered in recent years and is used in very different fields, such as Art, Architecture, Home decoration and, of course, in hobby and crafts.

Our wool felts are safe and created responsibly

  • It is also worthwhile to mention, that wool felt creates a sound & thermal insulation and it is water repellent, flame retardant and isothermal.
  • Ökotex certified & REACH certified and dyed according to the European legislation code EN71 guidelines, which ensures that it is natural, sustainable, and free from toxic and harmful substances and colourants, and especially safe to use in children’s toys. 
  • Our wool felt is sturdy, has a smooth woolly appearance and is slightly thicker than other felt.
  • All our felts are from European farms and the felt is produced within Europe. 
  • All wool comes from museling and cruel free farms.


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