AppleOak FibreWorks

Natural Dye House Ireland, Co. Clare

Do you knit or craft with fibres?

Knitting & Fibre Crafting Circle every Wednesday 9.30am -1pm

Bring your Project along and join us! The shop is also oopen that day from 9-4pm
Visit our Shop & Dye House

Crafting & Knitting Circle open to everybody, come and join in

11th of May 2022 from 9.30am-1pm
WOAD WORKSHOP grow. harvest. dye.

Join in the processing of Woad

27th of August (only few places left)
Giving back to Nature

Our Natural Dye House is run by

Rain Water. Worm Composting. Engineered Plant and Woodland Filters. Low Energy Processes.
Upcycled. Natural Fibres only. Naturally dyed.


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