HEMP CHEESECLOTH ~ Natural Hemp Fabric
HEMP CHEESECLOTH ~ Natural Hemp Fabric close up[

HEMP CHEESECLOTH ~ Natural Hemp Fabric

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HEMP CHEESECLOTH is an open weave, extra wide made with natural raw untreated Hemp cloth made in Europe and used for filtering, straining of cheese or other products. Can be used to create bags for transport or storage. Drying and storage of  herbs or open weave curtains.


Our Hemp Fabric 'CHEESECLOTH' is suitable for:

Clothing: -


Filtering, cheesecloth, storage &transport bags, herb storage, curtains

In a nutshell:

Material: 100% Hemp raw, untreated
Width approx.: 200 cm
Colour: natural grey, undyed
Weight: 148g/square meter
European production
Wash: 60 -90 degrees Celsius

reduced spinning cycle, hang up dripping wet


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