Creating Indigo Vats ~ Recordings are now available


The latest live indigo session in the Natural Dyers Academy's Creating Blues Co-Lab room was truly delightful, once we surmounted the initial technical hurdles. Following a promising trial, the live Zoom presentation ground to a halt before it could even begin. The culprit? Our internet connection took a nosedive, making streaming impossible that day. Instead, we recorded the session and uploaded it online.



That episode ranks as one of the most nerve-wracking experiences in my career as a natural dyer—and I've had my share!


We captured and shared the first 'How to Create a Fermentation Vat' session on Tuesday, which was followed by two more successful live sessions on crafting a 1-2-3 organic vat and a mineral vat.


I gave details about the advantages and drawbacks as clearly as possible and addressed questions—perhaps a bit too elaborately at times. My apologies for that!

I really hope that everyone found the sessions enjoyable and informative. It was particularly gratifying to see a few participants create a dye vat alongside me. My heartfelt thanks to you!


Next, I'll be hosting a Q&A this week and send my best wishes to all on their journey in blue dyeing.


Access to the recordings is available in the Creating Blues Co-Lab room of the Natural Dyers Academy. To view them, please use this link:

To the Co~Lab rooms!



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