Natural Dyeing Course Module 3 Tannins

Module 3 will cover the world of tannins, a vast world to say the least. This module will involve looking at the different sources of tannin and where they can be found. The differences between them and how to use tannins in you sustainable dye studio.

Module 3 Tannin poster


Module 3

  • What are tannins?
  • Sources of tannins worldwide and historical notes
    • Oaks
    • Aleppo Oak – Oak Galls
    • Alders
    • Myrobalan
    • Sumac
  • Tannins from Leguminosae
    • Divi-Divi
    • Tara
    • Cutch
  • The golden apple: Pomegranate
    • Using tannins in your dye studio
      • The differences between tannins
        • Gallotannin
        • Ellagic tannin
        • Condensed tannin
    • Tannins as a mordant before application of dye on plant fibres
    • Tannins as a mordant and dye on plant fibres
    • Tannins for grey and black on plant fibres
    • Tannins on Silk and wool fibre
    Tannin dyed linen embroidery threads on bobbin cards
    Only tannins have been used to dye these linen embroidery threads

    Tannin rich plants are one of my favourites to work with and feature a lot in my work. Partially, because I am working mainly with cellulose fibres. That doesn't mean, that they can't be applied to protein fibres, but they need a slightly different approach, to ensure the tannin won't coarsen the handle of wool or silk. 

    Because this course will be accessible to anyone in any part of the world, I am trying to be as broad with plant sources as possible. It is important to me, that you know what's local to you in order to create your sustainable dyeing studio. 

    What does that mean to you?

    Let's say you are based in the US and your 'go to' tannin will be Sumac. Seeing that we are building a portfolio that will be your reference and recipe book for your studio, I will make sure that you learn how to use Sumac in your practice as well as the other five tannins I use regularly. Whereas somebody in Mexico might prefer to work with Tara instead. Anyway, either way, I am sure I will have your area covered. 

    For the other modules have a look at my blog

    For what to expect and a '1 year course breakdown' timeframe check out the listing and, of course, the blog.

    Thank you for reading! x Jennifer


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