Natural Dyeing Course Module 2 Mordanting Part 2 & 3 Iron and other mordants

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I have finally finished module 2. The last parts, Iron and other mordants, were a little easier to write, the subjects not being quite as large as for Alum. All about mordanting is now finished and I can't wait to share it with everyone, who will be attending the course. Let me show you, what will be covered:

Module 2 Mordanting

Part 2: Iron Mordant

  • A history of iron
    • Ferrous Sulphate, green vitriol, copperas and others explained
    • The making of Ferrous sulphate
    • Ferrous sulphate in use
    • Iron acetate
    • Iron rich mud
  • Using Iron in your studio
    • When used as an after mordant
    • Iron acetate as a printing mordant
    • Iron acetate as a source of grey & black

A history of iron explains the different stages, from prehistoric times and the likely first discovery to nowadays. Every module covers the origins of its topic, making the understanding of why and how so much more accessible. 

The use of the mordant in the studio, is obviously the most important part of each module and covers everything from creating, using and discarding of mordants. Each module contains all the recipes I use and will finish with project work applying all of what you will have learned in that module. 

Each module will accompanied by life in person online meetings, Q&A and also will enable students to communicate and share work, progress, questions etc.

Part 3: Other Mordants

  • Copper mordant
  • Tin mordant
  • Chromium mordant

Part 3 is a short text to cover other mordant in use today; taking away the mystery if and why they can or can't be used.

When I first started out, every time I read about something new, it would often conflict with something else I previously read and believed to be the answer. I would like you to skip that step and dive straight into the correct methods, with a deeper understanding of why.

Module 3 is coming up next, one of my favourites! Tannins

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Talk soon and thank you for being interested! x Jennifer

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