The Woad Project ~ pricking out Woad Seedlings

Pricking out is very straight forward and only meant for seeding trays. If you planted your seeds in a modular seed tray, the instructions are included here also.
1. Get your 1l pots ready- fill them with compost (add some fertilizer like pelleted chicken manure if you are using seeding compost like I did)
2. then drop the pot for settling the compost and give it a little tap to even the surface.
2. Take a pencil and lift one of the many seedlings like shown below.Make sure you are holding the seedling right at the base; then gently push and pull loosening the soil around the plant as you go... For modular trays, push the seedling out from underneath the tray, there is usually a hole in every single module - see last picture..
Lifting seedling
3. Last but not least ~ Finally, make a sufficient hole in the soil of the 1l pot and plant your seedling in there. 1 seedling per pot. Press the compost lightly down around it and water in the same way like seed trays. All done - now watch it grow for the next few weeks until it goes outside..

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