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Produced and dyed by hand with safe Swiss colours in a company that empowers unprivileged Women, Bheda Wool combines all the good characteristics of several types of wool from different sheep breeds such as Ryeland, Suffolk, Shetland, Romney and Jacob. All Wool comes from New Zealand and is museling free.

Felting suitability

The average thickness of fibre is ± 25 microns, making the Bheda wool a fine to medium wool.

Save and Fair

Colouring the Bheda Wool is done by hand using safe Swiss colours and is produced by a Company empowering underprivileged women. Bheda Wool comes in 34 beautiful and rich colours.

Batch Differences

Because of the more traditional approach to manufacturing the Bheda Wool, slight differences in colour from batch to batch can occur. Therefore, in cases of larger crafting projects, we advise to be sure to buy enough in one order to minimize variation between colours.