Naturally dyed linen scarf Birch
Naturally dyed linen scarf Birch detail
Naturally dyed linen scarf Birch close up
Naturally dyed linen scarf Birch fringes
Linen scarves in the making


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Our new Collection of Linen scarves is truly unique and one of a kind.

A lot of love, thought and much patience has gone into the creation of each and every one. Approx. 200cm long and 50cm wide, these are snug, cozy and warm, even in winter, due to the layers you can wrap yourself in. Due to being Linen, the scarf or shawl will adjust to your body heat and can be worn in any season. 

Lovingly handmade, using European Linen, we cut and sew the scarves with organic cotton.

Then the dyeing happened; a unique process for each colour. After mordanting, colour extraction and application, indigo dyeing and heat setting, the scarves were dried and ironed. We use our own grown plants when possible. Some scarves have been dyed with fresh organically grown Weld and Woad, bringing sustainability that little bit closer yet again.

The scarves are wonderfully wide and long and are fringed by hand on all 4 sides. A surprisingly laborious, but very satisfying process, if you like attention to detail work. We kept the side fringes shorter and the end fringes vary from scarf to scarf. 

The scarf will arrive in a simple, but neat cardboard box, wrapped in undyed tissue paper and can be given as a present to yourself or somebody else. I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as we enjoyed making them! 

In a nutshell:

European Linen & Organic Cotton Thread ~ handmade in Ireland ~ Naturally dyed ~ approx. 200x50cm