DEER ADULTS ~ Organic Wool Sock. Natural. Undyed.

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Our DEER Socks are made in Germany from organic Wool and have the Ecocert Greenlife as well as GOTS certification. These are cozy winter socks, strong and long lasting. 


- 100% organic sheep wool

- These should be ideally hand washed (or machine washed on a delicate cycle at 30° with a gentle wool detergent)
- Do not tumble, dry clean, iron or bleach
- Hang to dry

Footwear could have a major influence on the lifetime of your socks. If the insides or insoles of your shoes are lumpy or worn, it can damage your socks more easily.

Wear your wool socks once every 2-3 days allowing wrinkles to smooth out and fibers to recover naturally. No need to wash after every wear.

Put cedar balls, lavender or other moths protecting material to your socks drawer to prevent them from early deterioration.

Take good care of your feet. It can prevent snags and tears on your socks.

Available in sizes from 35 to 47