A collection of 7 doolin colours Coffee musk fox Sage Wintergreen Plum and Blue moon
Doolin in the colours Sage Golden Leaf and Wintergreen
Doolin in colours Sage Fox and Coffee
Doolin in Oatmeal Dusk Dew Drops and coffee
Doolin in Coffee
Doolin in wintergreen
Doolin in fox
Doolin in dew drops
Doolin in Dusk
Doolin in Golden Leaves
Doolin in Musk
Doolin in Oatmeal
Doolin in plum
Doolin in sage

DOOLIN ~ Sport Wool/Ramie yarn

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Doolin 2021

Dyed with 18th century recipes, developed by Master Dyer Antoine Janot (1700-1775). Though I had to tweak a few recipes, this book has been a real inspiration when it comes to blending colour. Back then Natural dyeing was the only source of colouring cloth and the choice of dyes limited. Doolin has been dyed using only 4 dyes in varying quantities and combinations: Sage, Indigo, Madder & Oak Gall. I wanted to create a Winter Palette so I substituted Weld with Sage. Sage gives darker and moodier yellows in comparison to the lively lemon like yellow produced by Weld. I had to double dye most to create an even colour uptake, but I am very pleased with the results and I hope they will inspire you to create something beautiful, thank you! 

'Workbook: Antoine Janot's Colours'

Written by Dominique Cardon and Iris Bremaud

Let’s celebrate the humble nettle!

Doolin is made from 80%wool and 20% Ramie and the bigger brother of our 4ply Turin, made from a similar blend but including Silk as well. Ramie is a bast fibre, made from the inner phloem of the nettle. Ramie not only gives the yarn a gentle sheen, but also provides strength and stability needed for the heel and toe areas making it a great alternative to nylon rich yarns. Ramie doesn’t absorb dye the same way as wool does, giving this yarn a unique two-toned mottled effect.

Doolin and Turin are 'all rounder' yarns suitable for any project you set your mind too.

Like with all hand knitted items, a gentle handwash is best, however, this yarn has been washing machine tested by us and can be wool washed if preferred.

We also have some stunning patterns available for this yarn in our pattern section, designed by LBhandknits for AppleOak FibreWorks.

In a nutshell for 1 skein:
80% wool & 20% Ramie
weight Sport
100gr/ 3.5oz
300m/ 328yards
2-3mm needles
Origins: Wool USA, Ramie China, spun in the Czech Republic, Dyed in Ireland naturally.

Indigo* - herbaceous plant ( you might get a bit of blue on your hands while
Knitting - that is easily washed of with soap and even healthy!)