Dotty Nore
Dotty Nore close up wool felt fabric

DOTTY NORE OFFCUT ONLY ~ Felted Wool fabric

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Felted Wool Fabric also known as Wool walk, felted wool or walked wool

This lovely walked and felted woolen fabric is the perfect for the cooler months of the year. Light but warm, like any felted wool fabric, the cut edges don't fray, no seams necessary.

Warm, but breathable, this would make a lovely cardigan, waist coat, cape, jumper, skirt, coat, jacket, poncho, shawl, leg or hand warmers, children's clothing and even cushion covers or blankets. Also sleeping bags for babies or hot water bottle covers can be made from this fabric.

Endless opportunities and even off cuts can be used for decorations.

~ Please allow 7-10 days for fabric orders fulfillment in case we don't have enough in stock, due to limited storage space. We will get in touch, should that be the case. ~ 

In a nutshell:

Material: 80% wool 20% cotton
Width: 145cm
Weight per square m: approx. 290g

Handwash only, dry flat

Made in Italy

Please get in touch for different or bigger quantities!