FELTING NEEDLES ~ Reverse Needles (3- sided rough, 32 gauge reverse barb)

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 REVERSE NEEDLE (3- sided rough, 32 gauge reverse barb)
The higher the Gauge, the finer the needle.

With this felting needle, the barbs are arranged in the opposite direction. Instead of pushing fibre in, you are pulling fibre out. Great for bushy beards, animal coats, hair and mixing colour.

To avoid braking: Puncture, don’t wiggle!

Please note that the felting needles are fragile. Make sure that you always puncture the needle at the same angle and take it out the same way. Avoid lateral tension, do not wiggle! It is advisable to always have some extra needles in stock, especially if you are a beginner.

These needles are extremely sharp and should only be used with children under adult supervision.