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HEATHER DYE ~ Dye Colour yellow and green

 Heather blooms in late Summer here in Ireland, covering our green hills in a blanket of purple, pink and white. Heather was traditionally used to dye wool and tweed yellow and green brown.

The Flowers by themselves will give clearer yellows and greens with Iron. The whole Heather plant, due to the tannin in the wood, creates deeper golden yellows and green browns with iron.

Colourfastness: Medium


Basic Recipe:

100-200% Heather

10% Alum

Mordant yarn by dissolving Alum in hot water, add yarn and leave overnight.


Extract dye, by adding to pot and bring to 85C for one hour. Strain.

Rinse mordanted yarn.

Add yarn to dye bath, heat to 85C for 1hour or leave overnight for a deeper colour.

Rinse and dry yarn.

*You can change the colour to olive green by adding 3% Iron.