Indigo Dye Instructions for an Organic Fruit Sugar Dye Vat for Cotton + Linen Fibres (PDF)

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Enjoy the stunning range of Indigo Blues, or over-dye Reds and Yellows to create rich purples and lively greens. This recipe, PDF, walks you through the steps of home dyeing up to 1kg of natural plant based Fabric or fibres with organic Indigo using an Organic Dye Vat Method. The given recipe will create a light to medium light blue on 1kg of Fabric or fibre. For deeper blues on 1kg double the recipe and even triple for very deep blues. 

  • Due to the high PH, this method is only suitable for plant based fibres.
  • Organic Vats last for many months and can be regularly topped up. 
  • An Organic Vat Troubleshooter Guide is also available.

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