JUNE BUNDLE INDIGO ~ Professional Dyers Course

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All you need for June to create blues, is in this bundle.

  • 150g Indigo
  • 100g iron
  • 250g lime
  • 125g fruit sugar (fructose)
  • 100g rhubarb root ground
  • 100g ground madder
  • 100g wheat bran
  • 500g Soda Ash
  • 50g hydros (get in touch if you don't want it and we will take it out)
  • Linen white (Liona) x 0.5m
  • Linen grey ( Liolina) x 0.5m
  • Cotton (Bubble organic 2 layered) x 0.5m
  • Silk (Habotai) x 0.5m
  • Wool Yarn 200g (Stockholm)