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KAPOK ~ Seed pod fibre 

In harvesting kapok fibre, the pods are either cut down or gathered when they fall, then broken open with mallets. The seed and fibre, removed from the pods by hand, are stirred in a basket; the seeds fall to the bottom, leaving the fibres free. Kapok is a moisture-resistant, quick-drying, resilient, and buoyant fibre. The fibres contain both lignin, a woody plant substance, and cellulose, a carbohydrate. The inelastic fibre, or floss, is too brittle for spinning, but it weighs only one-eighth as much as cotton. (Britannia Wikipedia)

It is ideal for stuffing cushions, dolls, upholstery and much more. Perfect for anybody who reacts to sheep-wool or prefers a vegan stuffing material.

16x16in pillow lightly packed 550g; solidly packed 1100g

Stuffing teddys, dolls, cushion etc.