NAVY ~ European Merino

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EUROPEAN MERINO WOOL ~ Small farm production, Europe only productions, dyed to high oekotext standards in Switzerland.

This European Merino Wool 27 micron wool roving is available in 60 trendy colours including 10 trendy mixed colours.This wool is dyed with synthetic dye from Switzerland according to the standards of Oeko-Tex 100 and EU Ecolabel for textile products.

Responsibly Produced

This soft wool is produced in Europe, closer to home than your regular merino wool! The wool is produced on small farms in Europe and is mulesing free. 

Perfect for Felting, Spinning and Knitting

This European Merino Wool roving is a soft, voluminous and affordable all-round wool. It is great for wet felting as well as for needle felting, spinning and of course for XXL chunky knitting. All fibers align in the same direction and the roving has a regular thickness, making it an easy wool to knit with.


How long is this roving?

Wool is usually sold per weight. But sometimes you want to know how long the wool roving is. We have calculated the roving length of the different packages below:

  • 50 grams = approx. 2 meters
  • 250 grams = about 10 meters
  • 1 kilo = about 40 meters
  • Bump of 4.5 kilos = approx. 180 meters

Please note that this is an approximation. The length can vary per type of wool, per colour or per production. And the harder you pull, the longer the roving becomes.

Would you want to make sure you get the wool roving in one piece?

We try our best to deliver the roving in one piece. But please count in that even when we try our best we don’t always succeed. Sometimes we have no choice but to deliver the desired quantity in two or more pieces.