Organic Cotton Gauze
Organic Cotton Gauze

Organic Cotton Gauze

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A single layered gauze or muslin, made from untreated organic cotton with a fine striped natural structure.

80 x 80 cm per Unit ordered.

The individual pieces are 80 x 80 cm, but we can cut them in one long piece if you prefer and would make lovely narrow curtains. 

This fabric is best known as the Muslin Nappy cloth and that is its original purpose.

Material: 100% kbA (GOTS)-Cotton
Size: 80x80cm
Colour: natural
Weight :110g/sqm
Shrinkage: 5-10%
Wash: 60-90 Degrees Celcius

Certification: BIO/ORGANIC/GOTS certified by CERES-082 GOTS kbA-Cotton
Made in France