Elderberries dried whole
Elderberry dyed yak and silk yarn
Elderberry dyed yak and silk yarn

ORGANIC ELDERBERRIES ~ Whole Berries are available at wholesale price

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Cut Organic Elderberries are Cultivated in Poland

Whole Organic Elderberries are Cultivated in Croatia - Laser sorted and CO2 pressure treated

Fine for Consumption, tinctures and Soap making

for a light purple colour on wool and silk as well as green when using Soda Ash - Ph sensitive, not wash or light fast. Great for kids and hobby dyers.

Use 75-100% of dye according to the weight of the dry fabric/fibre you would like to dye.

Colourfastness: Poor
Ph sensitive

Basic recipe:

This dye will need a mordant, Alum, when dyeing wool. 10-20% of Alum.

Mordanted fabric or yarn
50% - 100% Elderberry Dye.
10% Tartaric Acid

Add water to the dye, add tartaric acid and bring to the boil.
Keep on a good simmer for 60min. 
Strain the liquid through a sieve lined with cloth and returning the liquid back to the pot, tying the dye bag and add that one too.
When cool enough add your dye stuff and heat to 80 Degrees Celcius for an hour.
You can let it continue to cool in the pot until your required colour depth is reached, from 1/2 hour to overnight.

Add Soda Ash for a leafy green.

Rinse when finished.

Colours shown in the last pictures are Elderberry on our Yeti yarn (Yak & Silk Yarn)