ORganic INdigo Dye Vat Kit
Organic INdigo Dye Recipe
ORganic INdigo Dye Kit
Organic INdigo Vat Recipe booklet and kit
Indigo Vat
Indigo dyed Yarn
Indigo dyed Yarn


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We are stepping away from paper prints and will send out the recipe and troubleshooter for this kit by pdf

ORGANIC INDIGO FRUCTOSE VAT FOR LINEN + COTTON ~ This Kit contains everything you need to dye 100-900g of natural Yarn/Fibre/Fabric.

DYE COLOUR: Blue - can be overdyed with Reseda Yellow for green or Cochineal Red for Purple.

Why for Plant fibres only? 

The Organic Vats tend to have a very high PH 12-13+ which will destroy Protein fibres like Wool and Silk over time. 

Notes on the Indigo Dye Kit.

  • An Indigo Vat can be kept for many months 
  • A Troubleshooting Guide for the Organic Sugar Vat is available as a free download when purchasing the Organic 1-2-3 Indigo Fructose Vat.

Most natural dyes aren't immediately exhausted and you can continue dyeing several more pieces. Each new dip will result in a paler colour.

Don't want a Kit, but just the recipe? Click here for a downloadable PDF!


Over the past year, I have noticed that many crafters use natural dye kits to dye Cotton, linen and other plant based fibres. Unknown to them, the mordanting instructions used for Wool or Silk are unsuitable for plant based fibres and often will result in pale, short lasting colours.

We have remedied that with our collection of ever growing dye kits and stand alone dye recipes. You can now choose the dye kit according to your fibre need ~ protein (wool & other animal fibres) or plant based fibres (linen, hemp, cotton)


The DYE Kit makes a lovely present too - well packaged in recyclable cardboard, the dyes come in resealable stand up bags and the recipe is printed on strong booklet paper, which can be reused again and again.

What you will receive in this Kit:

Full and reusable Dyeing instructions now send as pdf after purchase

Free download Link to the trouble shooting Guide

40g Organic Indigo, 80g Lime, 120g Fruit Sugar ~ all packaged in resealable stand up bags