Professional Dyers Course ~ Dye supply box

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Here you can see what you will need for the year. Please be advised that these are estimates and the final amount depends on how big or small you like to dye your samples. Nonetheless, this should be enough for the year:

*Not included are: organic laundry liquid, organic washing up liquid, white vinegar

Mordants & Modifiers:

1kg Alum, 1kg Soda Ash, 300g Cream of  tartar, 500g Sodium Acetate, 1kg Chalk, 1kg Ferrous, 1kg Tara, 500g Lime, 1kg Wheat bran, 250g fruit sugar, 125g tartaric acid, 125g citric acid, 25g Fuller's earth, 25g guar gum


1kg Oak gall ground, 250g Pomegranate peel ground, 250g Catechu, 250g Rhubarb root ground, 250g natural Indigo, 100g cochineal, 500g Madder ground, 500g Madder cut, 1kg Weld, 1kg Dyers Broom, 1kg Sage leaves cut, 100g logwood ground