Rhubarb root cut
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RHUBARB ROOT ~ Dye Colour depending on PH influencer - yellow brown, green with iron and pink with Soda Ash.

Country of Collection: China

Rhubarb is indeed a stunning Plant – not only does it grow enormous – we can eat the stalks for desserts and use the leaves for mordanting fibre and the roots for creating 3 gorgeous colours.


Recipe for wool fibres: Downloadable PDF

Recipe for Plant Fibres: Downloadable PDF

Basic recipe:

100% cut Rhubarb or 50% ground Rhubarb
Wool (mordanted 10% Alum)

3-5% Iron
15% Soda Ash

Line the pot with a cloth. Fill the pot half with water and add the rhubarb.
Bring to about 85-95 degrees Celsius for 1 hour.

Tie dye in Cloth and leave in bath.
Add wool and simmer gently for 1 hour.


Add 3% -5% iron to the dye bath to turn into green or soda ash to turn it pink, if desired.

Remove after about 10min, rinse & dry.