I Year Professional natural dyeing course
The Natural Dye Academy 1 year course 2024
The Natural Dye Academy 1 year course 2024
The Natural Dye Academy 1 year course 2024
The Natural Dyers Academy 1 year course 2024 ~ sold out
The Natural Dyers Academy 1 year course 2024 ~ sold out
The Natural Dyers Academy 1 year course 2024 ~ sold out
The Natural Dyers Academy 1 year course 2024 ~ sold out

The Natural Dyers Academy 1 year course 2024 ~ sold out

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We are now fully booked for 2024, if you like to join in 2025, please sign up to the email sign up to be informed when the booking gate opens on the 1st of September 2024.

You can also join our Natural Dyers Academy's Community Platform to be kept in the loop with updates! 

Payment info:

The first payment of 135Euros is non - refundable, but will pay for January. For Students who pay in full, 135Euros enrollment fee will be taken off the refund. There will likely be funding available for Irish students for 2025.

This is the one off payment gate! We will send you an invite via email for you to access the course. The first module will automatically unlock on the 1st of of each month.

After a meet & greet online session (date will be confirmed), we will officially have the first online meeting and start of the course, on Tuesday,16th of January 2024.

All subsequent meetings will happen on Tuesdays at 11am & 4pm

You will receive a material/equipment list shortly after purchase, with an option to purchase a 'ready to go dye box' at a discounted rate in our online shop. There will be a discount available for purchasing fibre/yarn/fabric, but I would stress that it is best to use what you are intending to use in the future, after all this course will be creating your portfolio, not mine! ;-)


The Course

This course is fully online, consists of 12 modules; scheduled over 12 months, starting mid January of each year. Each module will open on the first of the month giving you access to written and illustrated material, to guide you through the particular topic of that module. Each module also contains a quiz and a project; which will result in recipes and samples for your portfolio on that topic. 

The Structure

With each module you will have approximately 1 week to read through and familiarize yourself with that topic, followed by an online live session to revise the material and help you prepare for that module's portfolio work. On the last week of each month, there will be a second live session to review your portfolio work, consolidate knowledge for that module and answer any questions remaining. All live sessions will be recorded and available for anyone unable to attend on the day. 

Each of the modules are supported by dedicated Collaborative Exchange Spaces on the platform where participants can post their creations, ask questions and connect on that topic. During the final project work, there will be a 20min 1:1 session for each participant.

The Content

The 12 modules will cover the following: 

  1. Fibres and their differences (Jan)
  2. All about Mordanting (Feb)
  3. Using Tannins (March)
  4. Creating Blues (April)
  5. Creating Yellows (May)
  6. Creating Reds (June)
  7. Creating Secondary Colours (July)
  8. Creating More Secondary Colours (Aug)
  9. Lake making and other Processes (Sept)
  10.  Printing and other Techniques (Oct)
  11.  Industry standards/Personal project (Nov)
  12. Personal Projects & presentations (Nov/Dec)

The Special addition

Throughout the course there will also be an option to take part in 5 online sessions, taught by organic gardener and seed saver Tristan Lienhard; on growing Woad, Weld, Madder and other dye plants organically. This will include organic horticultural principles, sowing and specific requirements for each crop, harvesting and seed saving. 

The Celebration

All projects will be presented and celebrated during the final 2 weeks of the course. The course will conclude in the first week of December with a final live session, where each participant will receive their AppleOak FibreWorks Natural Dye Academy certificate. 

The Time Required

Depending on the module you will need roughly 12 -25 hours per month to read through the course work, attend the live sessions and complete the portfolio work.

    Course outcome

    After attending this course, you will be able to open up your own professional dye practice, incorporate natural dyeing in your art or crafting business successfully, teach others, take it further or simply become a really good home/hobby dyer.