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Woad seeds organic
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ORGANIC WOAD SEEDS ~ Grown by the Irish Organic Seedsavers Association

Growing dye plants gives you a feeling of connection to nature, that is unique and I am delighted that you are thinking of taking that step. There can never be enough growers on our Earth and I do believe that growing your own colour adds yet another dimension to gardening and the plant world as a whole. If you can keep it organic, do, the colours are richer and the flora and fauna will thank you for it, as do we. Enjoy!

 Woad has been used for centuries to obtain a blue dye. An attractive plant with 1m high stems, long succulent leaves, which shine like stained glass, with inner blue; foamy clusters and brilliant yellow flowers.

Woad is a biannual plant and the leaves are used for dyeing in the first year. Once the flowers have formed in the second year, the leaves only obtain very little dye and the second year is used for seed collection.

Sow: In Spring, February to March

Harvest: Leaves first year July-September

There is a Woad Group on Facebook if you like to have support, how to and share your experiences, feel free to join :) The Woad Project | Facebook

Check out our blog too, there will be some instructions coming soon.


So, what do you get in a pack of Woad Seeds?

Over 100 seeds in a package

Grown to organic Standards in Ireland for conservation purposes

Grown in Scarriff, Co. Clare, Ireland - fully traceable

Open pollinated