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WOOL FELT BALLS ~ for doll making
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WOOL FELT BALLS ~ for doll making

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These balls are skin coloured and can be used for making doll heads by using the ball straight off, you can draw and sew easily on it. Further, the balls are soft enough to add eyeline, chin line, and nose using string for binding. You can then insert the ball into the tube made from cotton jersey for a perfect doll head!

Wondering about sizes?

Baby doll (infant): 3 heads tall (because the legs are always curved up!) Total body is about 4 heads tall, but legs look much shorter.

Toddler doll (2 to 4 years old): 4 heads tall

Young Child (5 to 7 years old): 5 heads tall

Older Child (8 to 10 years old): 6 heads tall

Teenager (12+): 7 heads tall