A peep into our Beginner's workshop!

About a week ago, we had our first beginner's workshop in almost 2 years. I admit, I was very nervous at the beginning. Covid restrictions didn't help, but we managed to find a way in the end. 

Our Beginner's workshop is really an Introduction to Natural Dyeing, looking at the most important aspects of how to get started and achieve lovely results. 

Here is the Agenda of the day:

  • Discovering different Mordant methods for protein and cellulose fibres and imported dyes
  • Introduction to plant sources covering foraging, garden, kitchen a
  • Learning how to extract and dye with natural dyes
  • How to Influence Colours, using sustainable ingredients

The first part can be a bit dry, there is a lot of talking and information to take in, but once the dyes come out, the fun begins!

Students standing at dye table

dyed yarn elderberry dyed yarn

We used 2 different dyes and 3 influencers to see what they can do to the colours.

Table with dyes

So what did we do?

We extracted yellow from Rhubarb roots and Pink from Elderberries (something that is coming up in the hedgerows soon!)

Than we used some Iron and PH influencers to get the Party going!

In the end everybody took home the pieces they had dyed and the knowledge of how to mordant Wool and Linen successfully, what is the difference between colourfast dyes and Ph sensitive dyes. Where to find natural dyes and how to extract dye, learning about hot, cold and solar dyeing. 

I do hope that everybody enjoyed the workshop and left feeling confident to dye their own.
Check out or workshop page to see what is coming up next!


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