Neem Leaves
Neem Oil Spray


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Neem Leaves and Spray

Neem Leaves

These Neem leaves are grown on a small organic farm in India. The farm is kbA registered (registered organic).

Available in leaf form or as spray*

Neem is very popular and is used for so many things, medicinal, anti-fungal and as insecticide.  We treat all our articles with the neem oil spray in order to protect the yarns and wool from moths.


Neem oil Spray 

Neem oil, cold pressed from the fruits and seeds of the Indian Neem tree. Like the Neem leaves, the oil is ideal for protecting fabric, yarn and fibers from insects and moths. I use it all the time and I have yet to see a moth!

200ml spray bottle of Neem oil contains: cold pressed Neem Oil mit 1% Azadirachitin (active ingredient in Neem oil) natural essential oils, Isopropyl - alcohol


What customers say:
"Brilliant keeps midges out too and the smell just goes away I found it quite citrus but it may smell different to each person Hubby smelled faint lemongrass"


Basic Recipe (Leaves): 

Sew little pouches (or use drawstring bags), just like Lavender pouches, stuff them loosely with Neem leaves, and put them into your yarn/wool storage. They smell pleasantly, but that is my opinion and so far doesn't seem to leave an odor on the yarn/wool.

100gr is enough for 5 small pouches.


Basic Recipe (Spray):

Simply spray onto your items, there is no trace of the oil or long term smell on your products. Even though the oil smells strong when applied. Pleasantly though, but that is my own opinion.  

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